Friday, August 14, 2015

The Final Game (of Regular Season 2015)

We had our last regular season game on Tuesday night.  We actually played this team our first week this season, and we lost to them 4-15.  That was back when we had few ladies - in fact I think they were savage.  So with as many ladies and men, we should have been a new team, right?


Sadly, we lost to them 4-15 again.  It’s like we had no idea who to play or play with each other at least.  We had multiple people cutting to the same spot at the same time.  We were missing basic catches and throws.  It wasn’t pretty.

The worst part?  They are the team we’ll be facing first in the tournament tomorrow.

At least I didn’t leave the field feeling like a complete failure.  I did get the disc once and successfully passed it on.  I did get scored on a couple of times, however.  Once, the guy took off running and I couldn’t keep up.  The other, I stuck with the guy through multiple cuts until he finally managed to break free.  I felt bad, but there are only so many times you can successfully predict cuts to stop someone from scoring.

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