Friday, August 07, 2015

Book Events

It’s been a while since I went to book events, but I’ve been to a couple this week.

Sunday, I went to South Pasadena for the monthly Sisters in Crime meeting.  The talk was on the Stratemeyer Syndicate, aka the company responsible for creating and hiring the ghost riders to write the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and many other series characters.  (No, not my favorite, Trixie.)  I knew a lot of the stuff that was said, but it was still fun.  And I managed to work it in between church and pick up ultimate Frisbee, too.

Then last night, I headed out to a book signing.  I’d already read both books thanks to my deal reading and reviewing stuff for Berkley Prime Crime, but it was so much fun to hear the authors talking.  I went to a signing for Daryl Wood Gerber’s very first book (written as Avery Aames), but I don’t know that I’d ever heard Diane Vallere talk.  There were only five of us in the audience, but we had a grand time listening to the two of them talk.  In fact, I left later than I had intended, which was a bad thing since I had to polish up my review of Diane’s new book to be published this morning on my review blog.

I’ve stopped going to events like this since the stores I used to go to have closed down, and I’ve really missed it.  Hopefully, I can find a few more and start going again.  Of course, I say that knowing I’ve got another one planned for next week.

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