Friday, October 24, 2014


Now here’s a topic you don’t expect to see on my blog very often.  Well, maybe a bit more often since I run, but in this case I’m talking about work shoes.

I have very sensitive feet, and finding good shoes I could wear has always been an issue for me.  This is even truer when it comes to dress shoes, and I’m having to dress up for the first time ever four days a week.  I thought I’d found some good shoes that were comfy, but soon the same problems started.  (After I’d bought two pairs of the shoes, too.  At least they were on sale.)

My issue is the heel.  And here is where all the ladies laugh.  I know, I know, men’s dress shoes don’t really have heels.  But just that little half inch is enough to throw my feet and legs all out of whack.  After two months of wearing these shoes, my legs and feet are killing me by the end of the day, if not lunch time.  My arch isn’t getting the support I need.  And that little bit of lift is killing my thighs, calves, and shins.  Essentially, I’m a mess.

Fortunately, I’ve got a lead on something that might work.  Actually, a couple of somethings.  One would be a walking shoe all in black, and I think I could get away with wearing it.  The other is a dress shoe make with Nike insides.  Nikes aren’t always the most comfortable shoe for me, but these might work.

In the meantime, I have three pairs I’ve bought to try in the last two weeks to return.

I just hope I find something soon before I can’t do mud runs and play ultimate Frisbee.  That would truly be a shame.

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