Thursday, October 02, 2014

Ornament Signing

For the third year in a row, I’ve made it to an ornament signing.  It certainly helps that Hallmark has scheduled them for Southern California every year.  (And had one last year when they normally wouldn’t have one.)

This time, the artist was Sharon Visker who creates one of the series I collect.  I only got a couple of those signed and then had her sign event pieces and some of the standalone ornaments she’s done.

A friend of mine is involved in the club that won the signing, and she let me sneak in to the early signing time, which is probably the only way I got as many ornaments signed as I did.  The idea was that I’d help out as needed the rest of the day, but they had things running fairly smoothly and didn’t really need me.  I did stick around and help break stuff down when the signing was over, so at least I earned a little bit of my perks.

Overall, it was a fun day.  Sharon is very nice, and I had fun talking to other collectors.  The weather wasn’t too hot either, which was a huge blessing since we were outside all day.

On the way home, I stopped and hung out with my friends Chris and Stacey for a little while, even grabbing a pizza with Chris.  Since I hadn’t seen them for a while, it was good to catch up.  But it got me home after 8, and I crashed no too long after.  The day had started early.  While it was fun, boy was it tiring.

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