Thursday, October 16, 2014

Family Visits – Part 1

This past weekend, it turn out my entire immediate family was in town, some longer than others.

My parents showed up on Friday night, late and stayed for the weekend.  Saturday was pretty much the only day we had together.  I spent Friday night with them in their trailer, which is always fun.  Saturday, we didn’t do a whole lot.  We went to my condo to watch The Amazing Race.  Then, we played some games at their trailer, ate dinner, and I left.  Plus while we were out and about, I took them to my new office.

Sunday, they met me bright and early for church.  Then I helped them pack up the trailer since they moved on to Palm Springs for the week.

However, my visits with family weren’t over for the week.  My brother and his family were driving through town on their way to San Diego for the week, and we met up for dinner at Souplantation.  I really enjoyed some time to catch up with all of them.  My nephew is definitely talking more than he was when I last saw them in June.  He kept pointing at me and saying, “Mark!”  So I’d point back at him and say “Zachary.”  He’d smile so big.  I loved it.  And my niece wanted to sit right next to me to eat.  I loved that, too.  Plus I had a very great visit with my brother and sister-in-law.

So it was another busy weekend but another very fun weekend.  I was driving all over town on Sunday since I did get some ultimate Frisbee in between visits.  But I wouldn’t have wanted to miss a second of it.

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