Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Busy Weekend

That first weekend of the month was so busy I’m just now recovered from it enough to write about it.  Or some such thing.

Seriously, it was a busy but fun weekend.  It started with Ornament Debut at Hallmark, when the second half of their ornaments for the year come out.  I went and bought the ones I wanted to buy that day on Saturday morning.

Then Saturday afternoon, I went down to see Thoroughly Modern Millie at Glendale Centre Theatre with Angelique and Ann.  I’d never seen the musical before in any form, and I had a blast.  Afterwards, we grabbed dinner.

Sunday, I was at it again, starting with a book signing in Santa Monica.  Stuart Gibbs always does his book signings there on Sundays, and I rarely go, but this time I decided to squeeze it in.  It was lots of fun.

But squeeze it in I did because I rushed back so I could go to lunch with Joe and Erica and their kids.  It was great to see them and catch up, plus they treated to lunch to celebrate my new job!  Can’t go wrong with that.

From there, it was home to change to play ultimate Frisbee.  Then it was over to the Coopers to watch Once Upon a Time.

Obviously, it was very busy, but it was also very good.  I wouldn’t have traded any of that if I could.  Still, after weekends like that, I joke about going back to work to rest, and that’s pretty much what it felt like.

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