Saturday, August 17, 2013

Weekly TV Recap for August 17th

Summer Camp – If you send the same person again and again, the other team will keep them to disrupt your team, and they will continue to get angrier at you time and time again.  It’s that simple.  Figure it out.

Covert Affairs – So Henry has a tail.  Who could it be?  And whose side is the son really on?  What does this have to do with Jai’s death?  I mean, really, who was behind it.  It’s been a season and a half.  Isn’t it about time we found that out?

Suits – Is Harvey going to go back to Jessica’s side of things?  If not, that knife in the back is going to be very bitter for her.  And how will she respond when she learns about Harvey’s plans?  Will they ever get their client out from under these murder charges?  And could Donna be any funnier with her scenes this year?

Melissa & Joey – So that explains the comments from a couple weeks ago about running for state senate.  Really, when will sitcoms realize they need to put that kind of stuff in order.  It’s annoying.  Funny episode overall, especially with Lenox’s prison penpal.

Royal Pains – So is that it for Boris for the season?  Paige is looking like she is feeling left out of the group right now.  I hope she doesn’t take it out on Evan when he is trying to spend time with her.  Glad they are going somewhere with Hank as the addict storyline, although I don’t think they have too many more episodes left this season.  Already!

Necessary Roughness – So Uncle Jesse is the bad guy after all.  Why has he turned on Dani like this?  Or was she going to be a fall guy the entire time?  It’s a shame because I loved V3, so I’m sorry it looks like this will be a one season storyline.  Oh well, it has certainly been a blast.

Wipeout – Obviously, they needed again to fill their female winners quotient, so they made an episode that a woman was sure to win.  Still, it was as always.

Burn Notice – Obviously, I've been anti-Carlos all season.  We're supposed to be because we want Fi and Michael together when the show ends (and I certainly do).  But how that break up was hard.  Michael is heading down a dark path, and I hope he can be redeemed before the season is over.

Graceland – So Briggs is obviously after the guy who killed his girlfriend and the other agents.  And that's why he's doing what he's doing.  But now he's in a world of trouble having to prove he didn't kill the guy on purpose.  I actually like this twist and I might even be glad I stuck with the show.  We'll see what next week brings.

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