Saturday, August 10, 2013

Weekly TV Recap - August 10th

I only got a few shows watched this week, so I'll have to get going next week and get caught up.

Summer Camp - I can understand Chris' reaction to being banished twice.  Especially since he didn't participate in the challenge.  I would be in his shoes as well.  I really did think the women were going to send him home based on how he was talking, so the outcome was a surprise to me.

Covert Affairs - So if the end game just to kill the son?  That's sure what it seems like right now.  Talk about vengeance and nothing else on the mind.  And was I supposed to recognize the guy at the end because I sure didn't?  This is shaping up to be my favorite season yet.

Suits - Wow the tension is getting high.  I keep waiting for it to explode, but it still isn't doing that.  And I'm definitely feeling sorry for Jessica.  Then again, I never really felt sorry for Harvey last season when she didn't make him the name partner, so what do I know?  And Donna's scenes?  Such wonderful comic relief.

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