Saturday, August 03, 2013

TV Recap for August 3rd

Covert Affairs – So, I wonder if the son’s loyalties are really with the CIA or if he is playing Annie.  And how long before Henry gets suspicious.  What about the guy Annie killed?  What did Joan take from his safe?  Will she reconcile with her husband?  Is he gone for good?  Yeah, this season has lots of intriguing questions and for once I feel like they are telling a good connected story.  Now, if they tie this in to Jai’s murder….

Suits – More intrigue here, too.  Louis working with the 5th year will be interesting and problematic.  But how cute are Mike and Rachel together?  And Donna?  She gets all the best lines, and on this show that’s really saying something.

Melissa & Joey - Better than last week, although there were still plenty of moments I didn't care for.  I may be taking this off my DVR.

Royal Pains - So, how long is it going to be before HankMed realizes what a mistake they made selling out?  That's what keeps going through my mind as we watch the season unfold.  My guess is, that will be a season ending cliffhanger.

Necessary Roughness - At this point, I am wondering who is after what at V3.  Dani has landed herself in a huge, big mess.  My guess is things aren't what they appear.  But I'm worried about  her assistant.  Did she get fired or worse?  I thought TK was doing well, but then he wound up being engaged to that woman?  I think she's trouble, but we'll see.

Wipeout - Not sure I have to say about it.  Other than it is too bad Texas won since their ego will get bigger as a result.

Burn Notice - This James guy is seeming to become worse and worse news with every episode.  And I see no way that Michael and Co will be able to take him down.  But I often think that in the middle of an episode, and they prove me wrong so I'm sure they'll do that again.

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