Friday, August 02, 2013

Monday's Ultimate Game

That’s right, I had a Friday ultimate Frisbee game followed by a Monday ultimate Frisbee game.  There were several differences between the games, however.

First, more of the team showed up.  We only had one female sub, but we had several men on the sidelines on any given point.

Second, we won!  Oh, we made it dramatic.  We started out behind and stayed that way for the first half.  At one point in the second half, we were down 9-13.  But we struggled back and took the win 19-17.

I have now won as many summer league games this year as I have the last two years combined.  Or, if you want to go in the last 12 months, as many as last summer league and Men’s beach league combined.

Sounds like our game next week, our final regular game, will be against a really good team.  We’ll see how that goes.

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