Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gregg Hurwitz Launch Party

Thursday night, I went to the launch party for Gregg Hurwitz’s latest stand alone thriller.

I know, I know, me reading thrillers.  It’s outside my norm, that’s for sure.  But something about his books appeals to me – probably the ordinariness of his heroes.  That also makes them more nail biting.  I definitely have to be in the right mood, but when I am, I love them.

Anyway, it was over in Santa Monica, and I headed out there after work.  I got there super early, so I sat in my car and read.

It was at this cute independent bookstore.  Also small.  In fact, we took over the food courtyard outside for the reading part of the evening.

Note to self, if I ever go back there, be sure to plan on dinner in that courtyard.  Several of the places sounded good.

Then again, I still could have grabbed dinner once I found the place since things started half an hour late.  I was definitely wishing I had brought my book inside since I probably could have finished it while I was waiting.

Once things did start, Gregg was entertaining.  I snagged a spot near the front to get my book signed early, which was nice since that meant I could head for home.

His schedule doesn’t have many Southern California stops in it, at least not right now, so I made this a priority.  Now, to find the right mood and plenty of time to read the book.

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