Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Last Friday's Game

Last Friday night was another ultimate Frisbee game.  And, in something new this year, it was party Friday, which meant more than two games on the field and pizza for all!

We had 8 people show up to this game, meaning our women were savage, and one of the male subs was playing with a bruised rib.

And we started out down 0-4.  But then we struggled back.  And here’s where I already lost track of the score, but at this point it doesn’t matter.  The end result was we lost by 4 or 5 points.

But you know what makes the game a complete success?  I got a D on one point.  Again, they were hucking it deep to my guy and it was just a bad throw that I was able to get in front of and intercept.  Still, it always makes me feel good.

Then, on a different point, I scored.  We were near the end zone, and my defended stopped guarding me to double team someone else.  So I ran straight to the open side, and the person with the disc threw it to me.  Nice and easy score.  Still, I was thrilled.

Afterward, I visited with a few friends who were there and watched the end of one game which went on forever.

While we aren’t going well point wise, I really do enjoy the team, which makes it fun.  Plus it is ultimate.  How bad could it truly be?

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