Tuesday, February 05, 2013

When Ultimate Worlds Collide

Most weekends, I play ultimate Frisbee twice, once on Saturday and once on Sunday.  And I’m the only person who plays at both games.  That is until this weekend.

Since the Super Bowl was Sunday, my Sunday afternoon game was going to cancel.  And they were looking to play a game Saturday morning.  I suggested they joined us, and they did in a big way.

While the Sunday afternoon game can swing from just a few to enough for 7’s plus subs, Saturday is rarely more than 4 or 5.  When everyone showed up, we had about 9 on one side and even played 8’s for the second game.

We played Saturday versus Sunday, with me being on Sunday.  Ironically, my roommate was on that side as well, and he’s only ever played with the Saturday crew once.

I really wasn’t sure how this was going to go since Saturday is very, very laid back.  Sunday is usually pretty laid back as well, but we do follow more of the rules.  Fortunately, the Sunday crew respected that and adapted to the new rules.

We wound up playing 3 games to 10 and playing for about two and a half hours.  I was so tired and sore by the time we finished.

We started out the first game behind, but managed to come back and win.  We never did come back during the second game and lost by a wide margin.  That set up the third game.  Some people left at that point, and we were down to six on each team.  Everyone was moving slowly, but we were just a step ahead of them.  Actually, more than a step ahead since we won the 3rd game by about as much as we lost originally.

A highlight for me was several scores in the first game thrown to me by one guy who doesn’t pass to me very often.  Lowlight?  I had about 5 opportunities to score and win the final game, and I dropped every one of them.  We lost that point, but we did win on the next one.

Everyone seemed to have fun.  There was talk about some people coming out again the next Saturday and Sunday (a couple actually have already played on Sunday).  If these games continue to merge, it will be very interesting.


it's all about pace said...

I sure do miss playing ulty...

sounds like you have a good group

Mark Baker said...

I've got a couple, and possibly a third starting up.

I'd miss it if I lost it, that's for sure.