Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weekly TV Recap for February 16th

Once Upon a Time - I was listening so far, and when they finally told us where Gold was headed, I knew.  I’ve been right all season that Rumple’s son is Henry’s dad.  That’s going to be an interesting twist.  And is Gold slowly losing his memory?  Meanwhile, I like how they worked out Tiny’s issues and even gave us a look at James, the evil twin.  We’ve only seen him briefly before.  Hope we see more of him as time goes on.

Castle – Loved it.  Mainly it was the sub-plots, but there were so many funny scenes and bits in the episode.  My favorite had to be Castle trying to get the earrings back from Gates.  Yes, I like the more serious stuff, but I love the all out comedy episodes as well.  And I love that the cast can do both so seamlessly.

Survivor - I did recognize several more of the favorites when I saw them in person.  I do feel sorry for Franchesca being voted out first again.  But really, some of those people need to get off my TV already.  I want Phillip gone and I want him gone now.  He's trying to play the Boston Rob card.  We'll see if it works out for him or not.

Arrow - I'm not a fan of the island storyline, so the fact that this one was almost all island certainly didn't thrill me.  It did explain why the first mentor has turned on Oliver, however.  And I'm wondering if having the tech girl know about the Hood's true identity as Oliver is going to be a major plot point.  She is a guest star, after all.

Necessary Roughness - So far, they haven't completely turned me off with their gay professional athlete storyline.  But we'll see how next week goes.  This may be what I need to turn me off to the show.  Honestly, I don't know if I will watch when it comes back in the summer even without this.  It will probably depend on what I am doing for work.

Big Bang Theory – Did they just give Raj a girlfriend?  That would be a pretty big development.  Overall, I loved how the various character’s relationships worked themselves out over the course of the evening.  Amy’s gift to Sheldon was great.  And Bernadette’s hiding place for the Xbox was pretty funny as well.

Suits – They just keep ramping up the drama.  What was a fun show last season has been much more serious because instead of just the case of the week, every episode has had huge stakes for our characters.  Right now, I’m feeling sorriest for Rachel.  I’m not sure if Louis really blew her chances of getting into Harvard or not, but she should go.  Of course, if she did go, that would mean her leaving the show, which I don’t want to have happen either.  So I guess you could say I’m conflicted.  And that 5th year?  Don’t care for her at all.

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