Saturday, February 02, 2013

Weekly TV Recap for Feb. 2nd

White Collar - Elizabeth telling Neal to lie was powerful, but I really was expecting her to explain what was happening when Peter figured it out so quickly.  I know the show likes to find ways to keep drama in their relationship, but this one feels a bit forced.  However, I loved her at the tasting and I loved Jones and Mozzie.  I swear, any scene with Mozzie brings out the best in everyone.

Arrow - Wasn't that big a fan of this episode.  The drugs and the reactions just weren't my thing.  However, seeing the next chapter of his life on the island was certainly interesting.

Necessary Roughness - Am I actually coming to care for the football players?  I was more interested in that storyline than I was the case of the week by far, maybe because that was pretty much the only thing that wasn't.  Sigh.  Why do I keep watching this show?  I must give up my obsession with all things USA Network and cut the one show they still that I don't enjoy.

Big Bang Theory - So, a couple of the scenes with Kripkey were painful instead of funny, but overall I loved this episode.  I was thinking recently they hadn't done any good Sheldon and Penny scenes recently, and this one got two of them and they were so sweet.  And the revelation about Sheldon and Amy was a little shocking.

Suits - A little more about Rachel.  And you know, I hadn't even noticed that she was of mixed race.  The conflict with her dad was interesting, but the ending of the episode is jaw dropping.  Where are they going from here?  Oh, and Donna is by far my favorite character.  Her scenes always make me laugh.

Nikita - They are really using this situation with Michael's hand to work on several characters, and I love it.  The depth of character was something that was missing early in the season.  They are definitely firing on all cylinders now.

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