Friday, February 22, 2013

Lazy. Or Is It Tired?

Okay, so it’s probably really a little of both.  I think there’s only one week where I ran both Tuesday and Thursday so far in February.  I’ve been making it out once a week and then playing ultimate both Saturday and Sunday.

Last night, I was so tired by the time I got home, I could hardly function.  So I decided I just wasn’t going to run.  Yes, it was probably partially laziness on my part.  After all, if I had a race coming up, I’d be getting ready to run for sure.

I do have a 5K coming up in just over a week.  But really, I can do that no problem.  It will be building up for Tough Mudder in June that will really start to force me to run.

It doesn’t help that Wednesday is my big TV night right now with three shows since I didn’t give up Survivor.  And what is the one night of the week I’m not home to watch TV?  You guessed it.  So I find it calling to me by the time I get home.  Maybe now that I just have 30 minutes on Thursday itself, I won’t be quite as tempted to sit down and watch the instant I get home.

But really, if I would just go to bed earlier most nights, that would go a long way toward helping as well.  I’m surprised my alarm has woken me up most mornings.  I’m trying to do too much right now, but I don’t want to cut anything out.  I just wonder how long I can keep this pace going.

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