Monday, January 14, 2013


Okay, I’m going to expose just how much of a California wimp I am.  But this weekend was freezing cold!!!!

Mind you, I grew up in Northern CA, were it could get cold in the winter, but where it still never snowed.  But I’ve lived in Southern CA for 17 years now, and I can tell when I am home for Christmas that I’ve gotten soft even by those standards.

So you can imagine how well I did with temps in the low 50’s for highs.  And they were lower 30’s/upper 20’s at night.  Heck, I didn’t leave the condo all day on Saturday.  I didn’t have to do anything, so I decided to be very lazy.  It was kind of nice, actually.

Okay, so I did nix playing disc golf early Saturday morning, but that was partially because we were talking 7:30 AM, and I wanted to sleep in.  My body didn’t let me sleep in as much as I would have liked, but it was still to just laze around in bed and not do anything.

I did go play ultimate yesterday, however.  It was fine when we started at 2:30, and running around I actually got warm.  But I stood around talking with a couple of the guys afterward.  The sun was pretty much set by the time we left, and I was freezing.  Fortunately, my car has a great heater.

The poor heater in my condo has been working overtime, running a lot more than normal.  I am dreading seeing the bill for the month.

Fortunately, it’s only going to be the one weekend of overtime heating, however.  Temps should start warming up tomorrow to hit lower 70’s by mid weak.  Yes, there are strong winds that go with it, and you know how much I hate wind.  But if it will warm things up, I’ll take it.

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