Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weekly TV Recap for July 28th

Political Animals - Okay, so it's really just a family soap opera with a political background.  And yet I am hooked.  Hate the former President.  In fact, I find the younger son (the one engaged) to be the most sympathetic and honest character in the show.  The fact that he is turning on his mom is proof of it because he sees what her ambition is going to do to the family.

White Collar - I was so glad to see Mozzie come back.  And Peter's first shot of him was so funny, too.  The case was very good, too.  But is Peter going to be out of the dog house now?  That would be way too easy to get him back in White Collar, but how long can they keep him down there.

Covert Affairs - I was on the edge of my seat for that one.  I honestly thought Parker would wind up dying, but she didn't.  Even so, it was a nail bitter, especially when Auggie had to jump to the next roof.  And the show seems to be holding on to storylines better this year, so I am finding myself actually caring.  Also, figured out why the sister is a guest star - they are writing her out to try to work things out with her husband.  Can't argue with that and I must admit she's been rather out of things ever since she learned the truth.

Royal Pains - So, the other woman in Hank's love triangle isn't a doctor but a translator.  I don't know who to root for because I like them both.  I'm glad to see Divya working things out with her parents.  And how wonderful is Paige getting Evan to try to get the patient back?  My favorite scene of the show.  (Now, the question is did they get him back?)

Necessary Roughness - I figured out the cause of the kid's stuttering early on.  I like how TK was able to hold it together in court.  If only he'd show more maturity like that from week to week instead of just at the end of an episode.  But Matt and Dani breaking up was heartbreaking.  Although, I've got to say, I thought he was proposing awfully fast.

Melissa & Joey - Two stories actually mirroring each other for a change?  I loved it.  Plus they were both pretty funny.  Very predictable, but also very funny.

Burn Notice - I knew it.  I knew that's who they were going to kill off.  I have always loved Nate, so I am not remotely happy about it.  But at least Fi is out of prison and back with the rest of the gang where she belongs.  And of course, the question becomes, who killed Anson and why?  And speaking of why, why Nate?

Suits - The previews made it look like Harvey was going further off the reservation than that.  Yes, it was crazy, but it doesn't seem that far out of line for him.  It was an interesting breather in the current storyline of the suit the firm is facing, but I think next week looks very intense.

Wipeout - Two hours is way too much of the show.  By the time it was over, I had stopped caring.  And I may skip next week for the Olympics.

Common Law - The show is predictable, but it's still so much fun.  I loved seeing the guys interacting with their old mentors and how that caused stress this week.  The final scene was great, too.

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