Saturday, July 21, 2012

Weekly TV Recap for July 21

I bet you didn't think I was going to get this posted today, did you?

Political Animals - I'm conflicted over this one.  At times I enjoyed it.  At times it seemed to be a big clich√©.  Since it's a limited series, I'll probably keep going, but it hasn't grabbed me completely yet.  However, I loved seeing the Senator from Heroes as the President here considering he was on that path on the earlier show.

White Collar - A minor cliffhanger this time instead of a major one.  I honestly didn't see the "protector" being a fugitive as well.  That was an elaborate plan they used to take him down, but it worked, and that's all that matters.  I loved how they even got the girlfriend the reward money.  I knew she had to be in on it.

Covert Affairs - I was surprised by just how much Auggie wanting to propose got to me.  I mean, I really want him with Annie, but he seems so in love.  Yes, I knew the mission was going too well when it looked like they had everything 15 minutes in.  And they've downgraded the sister to guest starring role.  That's a surprise.

Wipeout (Tuesday) - Considering the rope wasn't long enough to get them into the whipped cream, the trap door on the first obstacle was just mean.  And I still don't think the rope second obstacle is hard enough.  Quite the contradiction, I know.

Royal Pains - They really need to stop giving us the final shot of the episode in the teaser.  I figured out early on that Hank on the helicopter would be how it ended, leaving us still in the dark about what Boris is up to.  Meanwhile, Paige and Evan working together could be funny or really painful to watch.  Or painfully funny.  I will say once again how much I love them together.  And I liked how they developed the new doctor.  I just hope that Divya gets to work things out with her father.

Necessary Roughness - I think that may be the most fun we've had with TK ever.  His plot with hazing the rookie was fun.  And I liked the main story as well.  I'm not happy that Dani's friend is back.  And Matt is moving way too fast if you ask me.  (And you did or you wouldn't be reading this.)

Melissa & Joey - Another one where their relationship gets in the way of their love lives.  Even so, the plot actually was pretty well done and funny.  And the sub-plot with Ryder and his almost two girlfriends was pretty good, too.

Burn Notice - So, I'm wondering if they are going to get Fi out in another couple episodes even before they've caught Anson.  It sure looks like it, which would make me very happy.  And I love how they don't have the client of the week but in a way they do.  We've still got the episodic stories but they are part of the bigger whole, which means Michael is much more willing to take them on.

Suits - Wow.  That was very high drama.  I wanted to cry with Donna as she was fired at the end.  I felt for all the characters and understood why they did what they did.  And I liked Mike at the end.  He's becoming a little Harvey but with more human feelings.  But it looks like we'll see Harvey's feelings next week.

Wipeout (Thursday) - Now we're going to admit that Vanessa is pregnant?  It was more obvious in other shows.  Probably something about the order they filmed them in yet again.  It's always so obvious they film stuff in a very different order than they show it to us.

Common Law - I know I normally complain about the mystery, but I didn't see the big twist coming on this one.  And the two of them as roommates?  Very, very funny.  A great episode.

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