Saturday, July 14, 2012

Weekly TV Recap for July 14th

White Collar - Yep, the cliffhangers are starting already.  I saw this one coming, but I that didn't make it any easier.  It's obvious where they are going with this - back to New York with the anklet on.  But still, how are Peter and Moz going to get Neal back there?  In other news, how cool was it that Jones is now officially part of the cast instead of guest starring in every single episode?  I'm thrilled.

Covert Affairs - They killed Jai?  I'm actually surprised by that, or I was at first since really they never quite knew what to do with him.  And having Nina Myers as Annie's new boss at the CIA?  Are we really ever supposed to trust her?  It looks like they set up some new storylines and didn't really resolve anything this week.  I'll be interested to see how next week's episode ties in.

Royal Pains - So what is Boris up to this time?  It's been a while since gave us a good mystery, and I'm really intrigued.  Paige is such a great addition to the show, I'm glad she's around for the different side of Evan she brings out.  And are Hank and Evan both growing up a little?  I think so, and if so I like it.

Necessary Roughness - TK is addicted to pain meds?  I didn't see that coming, although it's not that big a surprise really.  It's something that fits.  I hope that the kids and Matt start to get along better, although it made a funny episode this week.

Melissa & Joey - Just an average episode all the way around.  Some funny lines, but not really anything worth thinking about much.

Burn Notice - So, is Rebecca a new ally or will this come back to bite them.  I had forgotten we'd learned about her brother until Sam brought it up again at the end.  Obvious way out, but I think it has some very good potential for new story telling in the weeks to come.

Suits - I like how they are making Louis more rounded this season.  We still don't like him, but there's more to him than there was before.  I was surprised they left the case of fraud open for another episode.  I think I looked the same as Donna did when she found that memo with her signature on it.  That's going to be very interesting next week.

Tron: Uprising - That one didn't grab me nearly as much as some of the others have.  It was okay, but it was like they were just marking time.

Wipeout - That second obstacles is just too easy for them.  Yeah, I know everyone fell off, but I thought it would be harder.  I really was expecting the Hobbit to win since he was winning every round, but just shows how one obstacle can throw you off your game.

Common Law - I wasn't expecting the killer in this one to be a cop.  That was actually a pretty decent mystery, at least for this show.  But the bits with the dog back and forth were so funny, especially what Travis had to do since he palmed the dog off that first night.

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