Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer League Update

I really haven't been posting much about Summer League.  Frankly, that's because I haven't been enjoying it.  Every game has been filled with tension, and we've lost like crazy.  The worst was our game a week and a half ago.

After that game, our captain sent out an e-mail message looking for ideas on how to turn things around.

Our game last week was on Thursday, and I almost didn't go.  I was tired from my first day on the temp job.  But I knew I needed to go.

And I had a blast.

We still lost, although it was only 12-15.  And we were playing the 2nd ranked team in the league.  (The week before, it was something like 6-15 against another team that hadn't won any game yet.)

But we had so much fun playing.  There was a positive spirit about the team.  And everyone was playing so well.  The offense was making some smart plays, and I saw lots of great D as well.

I even got the disc a few times and passed it on successfully.  I also made a couple of bad plays, but I actually felt like I was contributing instead of running on the field for no real reason.

We have this week off, for better or for worse.  (With all my USA shows on plus the Olympics, probably for the better).  Next week we play the first seed on Monday.  I just hope our positive energy continues.

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