Saturday, June 16, 2012

Weekly TV Recap

Royal Pains - They are not making this easy for anyone, are they?  I wonder how Divya's split will work out.  And I like how they are showing that they really did need each other.  It's nice since it all came together a little too fast in season one, so to show how it worked now is good.  Still no Paige or Boris, but it looks like at least Paige is back next week.

Necessary Roughness - There's the formula from last season.  Well, almost.  We figured out the patient of the week's problem, but we didn't know if that fixed it or not.  Meanwhile, I don't like how things with the son turned out.  And man, TK is sure interesting.  I am definitely hooked on the characters, so I will keep watching, but it's not a favorite.

Burn Notice - Things are definitely going to be interesting.  At least now the CIA is after Anson, too.  I loved who Madeline saved the day for Jesse.  And Fiona is in serious trouble with the FBI agent she's dealing with.  I will miss the client of the week, but this is shaping up to be an interesting season.

Suits - So now we're bribing Jessica to let Mike stay on?  This is going to blow up in their faces.  And I did like how Mike resolved the case with the employee and the book idea.  They have certainly set some things up for interesting storylines this season.  And the humor in some of those scenes had me laughing.

Tron: Uprising - Yes, I've started watching this.  So far, I'm not impressed with the two plots only sort of connecting.  I'll give it some more time, but it needs to get better in a hurry.

Fairly Legal - Ben is devious.  Getting Kate to move into that apartment without knowing he lives next door.  But what is with her?  Ben is bad news.  How can she possibly go for him?  And Lauren dropping the FBI bug on the ground?  How can such smart women be so stupid?  At least we found out Justin won the election since Kate uncovered stuff that made Davidson resign.  Now I just have to wait and see if the show gets renewed or not.

Common Law - So many funny moments with the therapy this week.  Of course, the case was predictable.  As soon as we learned about the lighter, it was obvious who it really was.  I wish they come up with a case that surprised me.

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