Saturday, June 30, 2012

Weekly TV Recap for June 30th

You'll notice that this is much shorter than last week's, which is how long this one should be this week.  But since I haven't had time to watch all the episodes and won't for a while, I'm posting this now.  We'll see how much I get done before next Saturday.  It may take me a couple weeks to catch up.

Royal Pains - They had an obstacle race in a show I watch!!!!!!  Even though I really don't want to do a zombie run, I still enjoyed watching it.  And, as much as I liked seeing Hank and Evan on the outs, I'm glad they are bringing them back together.  Boy, they were certainly going for the spooky factor with several elements of the episode, which I didn't like.  And now that Jill is gone (boo! Hiss!), they have finally updated the opening credits to include Boris and Paige.  Not that was saw Paige tonight, but it was nice to see the update.

Necessary Roughness - I wasn't super comfortable with the baseball player storyline, but I enjoyed the rest.  I especially loved seeing Matt with the kids.  Those were great scenes.  And I'll be interested to see how they play TK now that he's finally willing to open up about his shooting.

Melissa & Joey - Pretty much a predictable episode all the way around.  Some very funny lines, but both stories didn't break any new ground.  I do like that they are keeping with one boyfriend for Lennix.  In fact, the kids have steady significant others while the adults don't.  And the reference to the Melissa's Clarissa Explains It All roots was a riot as well.

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