Saturday, June 23, 2012

Weekly TV Recap for June 23rd

Royal Pains - I think they really are writing Jill out of the show.  I can't believe it.  All along, I figured there would be something that would bring her back, but she's gone, and it felt final.  I'll be interested in seeing if I'm right this week or not.  Meanwhile, it was great to have Paige back.  She added so much to the dynamic of the fighting brothers, and I can't wait to see if she helps Divya and their dad sort all this out.  Heck, will their dad make things better or worse?

Necessary Roughness - The new guy hiding a dual identity?  That was certainly a new one.  And I really like what they are doing with TK this year.  He's still self-destructive, but not quite as much as before.  It feels real to me.  And the storylines at home are feeling better, too.  We'll see if having her new relationship no longer being a secret is a good thing or a bad thing.

Melissa & Joey - I actually like the story with Ryder and Holly best.  I actually kind of like Holly, and her being nice to him out of guilt was a riot.  Melissa's boyfriend turning into Joey was funny but predictable.  Difference of course being Joey would know some boundaries that guy didn't have yet.  I'm sure they'd come and come quickly.

Burn Notice - Wow, I did not see that ending coming.  Now we've got to save the sister while we work to get Fi out.  I'm glad Nate is going to be around, but I'm sorry to hear why.  (And hadn't they moved back to Miami at one point, or was that the books?)  That scene between the brothers was so powerful.  Jesse was amazing.  This was really his episode, and he delivered.  It still feels like an episode of the week thing, just with CIA being the client.  I don't think this season will be as different as they led us to believe it was going to be from the pre-season interviews.

Suits - Things in the firm are a mess with Hardman back.  I'm not too surprised that Louis is going to be on his side.  That keeps the conflict in the main characters, but it was predictable.  And the fact that Donna and Harvey used to be an item surprised me.  I'll be interested to see if they tell us more about that.  But if there's one thing I hate, it's the characters getting together for one episode and then breaking them up again.  Please.  Either keep them apart or get them together for a few episodes.

Tron: Uprising - I've got to admit I got caught up in the action of this one.  Not surprised that his friend has turned to the villain's side because it keeps the conflict in the main characters.  If they keep building, this might become more interesting.  Then again, how many episodes do they have again?

Common Law - I'm actually surprised - they didn't show us the 400th arrest.  I figured that would be the tag, some anti-climatic thing.  I also have to wonder what two homicide detectives were doing on this robbery case.  Some of the therapy conversations made me uncomfortable, but all in all, I enjoyed the episodes.

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