Tuesday, June 05, 2012

My May Reads

Here are the books I read in May.  Links will take you to my full review at Epinions.

All ratings are on a scale from 1 (bad) to 5 (great).

THE COUNCIL OF MIRRORS by Michael Buckley - 5
The conclusion to the Sisters Grimm series finds Sabrina and Daphne leading the good guys in a fight to take out The Master once and for all.  Can they succeed?  The book is dark at times, but we are fighting a war here.  Fans of the series will certainly enjoy seeing how it ends, although if you aren't familiar with the series, start at the beginning.

FUN HOUSE by Chris Grabenstein - 4
A reality competition has come to Sea Haven, and Ceepak and Danny have gotten caught up in the action when the sudden star of the show is caught with steroids.  But when the bodies turn up, they have to dig deep to find the killer.  As always, I loved spending time in this resort town and with the cops, who continue to develop as a characters.  The book is filled with foul language, which reminds me why I don't watch the shows that were being spoofed here.

MURDER ON MONDAY by Ann Purser - 1
Lois Meads has taken on some cleaning jobs in a neighboring village to help her family financially.  But when a murder disrupts the village, her clients become suspects.  Will she pick up clues to help find the killer?  Despite (or because of) some flaws, I liked Lois.  However, the plot started slowly and never really gained speed.  I was glad to be finished with this one.

11TH HOUR by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro - 4
The Women's Murder Club only takes on two cases this time around.  First, there are the skulls found in an actor's garden.  Then there's the man killing drug dealers.  I was actually surprised to find that the ladies worked together to solve one of these cases, which hasn't happened for a while.  In the end, it's a Patterson book, but it was fun.

I finally got around to rereading the second in the series.  I love the characters and overall story, but these books sure do start slowly.  Fortunately, she manages to work in most of the seemingly random things later in the book this time around.

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