Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Camp Pendleton - 2012

Yep, another year, another Camp Pendleton Mud Run.

Through a long set of circumstances, I wound up doing this one alone.  Wasn't my first choice, but I survived, obviously.  It really hit me at the end when there was no one to compare war stories with and I had to find a stranger to at least take a pic with me by the sign so I had proof I'd been there.

The course was the same as always.  What changed this year was that they let us go in waves.  I was in the first wave, although by the time I finished, I was seeing bib numbers from all the different waves.

The big change this year was the water crossing.  The first year I did it, it was about neck level.  Last year, I definitely had to swim.  This year?  There was hardly any water in it at all.  Really, it provided two more mud puddles that were maybe 2 inches deep.

And I improved my time by 9 minutes.  I just look at my results, and I finished in 1 hour 20 minutes and 7 seconds.  Last year, it was 1:29.  The waves helped because I never really got slowed down on the course by other people.  It was just me running at my own pace.

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