Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weekly TV Recap for February 25th

The Amazing Race - I felt so sorry for the team that got eliminated.  To be so close and yet miss Phil.  And then Phil was rubbing it in at the end, which is not fair at all.  That would totally be me if I were on the show, too, I just know it.

Once Upon a Time - How can James be so noble and brave and David be such a wimp?  Part of the curse or is facing monsters easier than facing an emotional scene.  I'm wondering if Belle has a cell mate now and that's where Kathryn is.  All told, not quite as good as last week but still an interesting episode.

Castle - I was enjoying the episode until it was over.  Then I started to wonder what happened to some key plot points from the first episode, like who the first victim was and how Gage got out of the precinct and knew the body would disappear.  I think this is one of those that you can't think about it or it all falls apart.

White Collar - I think Mozzie just gave it away the FBI's presence with his attitude at the end.  But I'm wondering what Neal will do if he is freed.  Will he go straight or will he return to the con.  I can't quite decide, but I don't think he knows yet.  Next week is going to be very interesting.

Ringer - I think this is the first time I've felt sorry for Siobhan.  What happened with Sean (and I'm glad we finally know) was tragic.  I can see how it messed up everyone's lives.  And yet it was indeed an accident.  I was completely mislead from the previews.  I thought Siobhan and Bridget would come face to face in the present and not in a flashback.  Meanwhile, with the step-daughter, I knew Mr. C didn't beat the other girl up.  I didn't figure out the mother was behind this until the phone call, but now it puts her actions from the last few episodes, including wanting the daughter to come live with her, in a completely different perspective.

Royal Pains - Have I mentioned how much I love Paige and Evan together?  They are just so sweet.  This trip to England had better not be breaking them up.  And speaking of which, they'd better not be breaking up HankMed permanently.  That's quite the interesting ending.  And I really did feel sorry for Hank as he was grieving Jack while trying not to grieve.  I loved the scene on the golf course.

Survivor - You can not form a firm alliance too early in the game.  If you do, you wind up voting out better players to save your alliance when you need to be working as a team.  Don't play as an individual until you actually reach the merged tribes stage.  And the women are being the perfect example of that.  Meanwhile, the gay guy is an idiot for not even trying to get along with his team mates.  Unfortunately, that idol seems to be giving him power, at least for now.  Hopefully, that won't last.

Wipeout - It would be nice if someone I was rooting for would actually win again.  I really wanted the Charlie Sheen look alike (not that I saw it) to win.  Definitely rooting against the light bulb guy.

Big Bang Theory - I'm not remembering the story of Penny they were talking about.  Overall, very funny episode from start to finish.  Penny beating Leonard at Chess was priceless.  And the bongos were a riot.

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