Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weekly TV Recap for February 18th

Once Upon a Time - Since I love Beauty and the Beast, I loved this episode and all the nods to the Disney version.  Casting Rumplestiltskin as the beast was very interesting and really allowed us a chance to get to know him better.  He's still a villain, but he's a more complete villain now.  Meanwhile, I was interested to finally have it confirmed that he does know who he really is and know about the curse.  That's going to make things much more interesting going forward.

Castle - Alexis working for Lanie.  That's an interesting twist I hope they keep for more than one episode or the two parter.  And was it just me, or did we never find out who the first victim was?  Watching Beckett in full on jealous mode was a hoot.  I can't wait to see how this all concludes.

Ringer - Things just keep heating up.  Shoban is still lying through her teeth.  Yes, Bridget is lying, too, but she's only lying about who she is.  And Bridget tracking down the last few days of Shoban's life has given us new places to go, too.  And the rape story?  I never saw that coming.  I hope they do more with the fact that this was all about getting the money and not about anything else.  Oh yeah, and I'm wondering if Olivia is really the one stealing funds but setting Andrew up to take the fall.  At least I hope that's what's going on.

Royal Pains - I do believe that was a first - a patient dying.  And now it makes more sense why we've seen so much of Jack, so we would feel something when he dies.  Meanwhile, I was thrilled to see Boris again and get a bit more of that story.  And Divya paying off her debt brings her story for the season to a close.

Survivor - You know, I was kind of expecting the two tribes to build one shelter and cooperate.  Shows how wrong I can be.  I will tell you this, even if that were the case, I am with the guys - don't complete the challenge, take the victory.  Why the women expected anything different is beyond me.  Completely with the guys and it wasn't poor sportsmanship of unchivalrous or anything like that.  But boy there are lots of huge egos that need to be brought down a peg or twenty before the game is over.

Big Bang Theory - The return of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock!  Okays, so they didn't really play it, but still.  I felt like they didn't really resolve anything since Sheldon still has the crazy office and Penny still has the painting, but I loved the journey.  Playing basketball was a classic.  Turns out I'm not the worst person ever at that game.  Great episode.  And I suddenly realized that the president was Brandi's fiancee from In Plain Sight.  I wonder if he'll be back over there for the final few episodes.

Wipeout - Yeah, I watched it.  Or semi-watched it.  That's really about all I have to say about it.

Nikita - Carla, Carla, Carla.  I know you mean well.  At least I think you mean well.  But Percy is just as dangerous and duplicitous as Amanda.  You can't trust him.  Trust Nikita and her team.  At least she was talked out of putting Alex in more danger, which is a good sign.  And how cool was Birkhoff holding a gun?  Definitely looking forward to the next episodes, whenever it turns out to be.

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