Thursday, February 16, 2012

Visiting Family

No, no, I wasn’t out of town to visit my family recently.  They were through town.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned that my brother is changing jobs and moving back to our home town (along with his family obviously).  They and Mom and Dad have spent this week driving them and their stuff from one location to another.  Due to the cold weather, they took a longer, more southern route and wound up here in town.

So I took yesterday off work.  Yes, I could have gone into work in the afternoon, but I decided to spend the afternoon running, napping, and reading.  It was wonderful.

But even better was the morning.  I got some time to visit with Mom and Dad before the rest of them were up.  And then I got some time with my niece!  Okay, so everyone else was there, but it was fun.  She smiled so big when she saw me.  Yes, Uncle Mark is completely smitten with her.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have much more than a couple hours together because they needed to get on the road so they could reach home last night.  But it was still a great morning.  I’m thankful for bad weather so they had to come through town and their willingness to leave late so they could spend a little time with me.

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