Friday, February 10, 2012

The Too Early Review Request

Last week I got quite a few review requests, so I have enough fodder for another couple weeks.  This week they stopped coming.  Maybe they realized I would be mocking them so backed off?

This week's example is a little hard to describe because it's all given over to plot teaser, and I'm not trying to make these obvious who sent them.

The book is aimed at kids who play video games.  Again, not my normal reading material, although I am trying to read more kids books than I used to right now.  I find them quite fun.

But here's the thing.  The book being advertised doesn't come out until May.  That's great - plenty of lead time if you want to request a copy for review.  But it never offers a copy for review.  The author does hope I will choose to review it for my readers, whoever they might be.  Doesn't reference my Amazon reviews, so this is an even more generic form letter than I normally get.

And if you aren't going to offer a free review copy (which you certainly don't have to do), then wait until closer to when the book is released or else it will be completely forgotten by the time the book does come out.

It's too bad because for free I might have actually been interested in this one.

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