Monday, February 13, 2012

Running Pier to Pier

Two years ago when I was training for my first Camp Pendleton Mud Run, I got the idea to go to Santa Monica for a run along the beach.  I found out that the distance between Santa Monica Pier and the Venice Pier and back was roughly 6 miles.  (I read 5.7 this weekend.)  Naturally, I decided that would be a blast to run.  Head down there in my mud run clothes and when I get hot, take a break and jump in the water.  Sort of a mud run on the beach.

But that never worked out in 2010.  Or 2011.  But I did it Saturday!

Actually, it all started when I was planning to do my long run on Friday night or Saturday morning.  Also on the docket was a trip down to Redondo Beach to get the latest from Sue Ann Jaffarian.  The weather was so nice on Thursday and Friday it made me want to be outside.  And suddenly, I got to thinking I could go do the run then.

Granted, I debated long and hard about it.  Firstly, I’m indecisive.  Secondly, it was supposed to be cooler on Saturday.  But I decided to go for it.

And it was cooler.  It was around 60 degrees.  While I did jump in the water at the end, but just let my feet splash through the water until then.

I didn’t quite do the pier to pier run.  I knew of a metered lot part way down where I could park for much cheaper since I was only there for the run.  So I started in the middle, ran to Venice, did the entire distance to Santa Monica, and then back to where I started.  Okay, I did a little extra to say I ran 6 miles (although I didn’t clock it so I don’t know if I actually made 6 miles or not).

And it was so much fun.  Yes, I ran barefoot.  I think part of it was I was doing something I wanted to do for a while.  And part of it was I was running some place different instead of my normal, familiar loop which can get a little boring.

I thought my legs would be killing me afterwards, but they aren’t that bad.  The back of one knee bothered me during ultimate yesterday, but that was it.  Unfortunately, there was a part of that same leg that killed me when I tried to go for a run this morning, but it was fine for a walk.  Hopefully, it will be fine for running Wednesday.

Also, unfortunately, it look longer than it should have to get to the signing when I finished the run, so I got there late but still in time to chat with the authors and get Sue Ann’s latest autographed.

All told, it was a great day.  And I'm hoping to do it again sometime when it's warming so I can jump in the ocean along the way - maybe make it part of a longer day at the beach.  Who knows of that will happen or not, but for now I've done that much.

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