Friday, February 24, 2012

Running Discovery

I've actually been planning to post about this for a few weeks and I keep forgetting.

A month ago, my friend Chris gave me his old GPS watch since he'd bought a new one.  I was thrilled because that meant I would finally clock my running route and see how long it actually was.

Turns out that 3 mile hill run I do most of the time when I run is actually 3.3 miles.  Which means when I do it twice, like I am once a week, I'm actually running 6.6 miles.

Okay, so it seems like I am now more tired about the two loop circute than I used to be, but that still makes me very happy.  It means I am half way to the half marathon distance and it's still six months away.  Hopefully, this will give me a good base when I start increasing my mileage.  I'm going to go to 7 in March and then a mile a month from there.  I hope that works better for me than adding a mile a week in a panic like I did last year when I was trying to train for Tough Mudder.  Heck, I'm already ahead of the game as long as I keep this up.

I just might turn into a runner yet.

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