Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Day at Disneyland

Today, in honor of Leap Day (and happy Leap Day to you, by the way), Disney Parks are open for 24 hours offering an extra day of memories and fun. Sadly, I am at work today. But I was at Disneyland on Saturday for Master’s annual Disney Day.

The last couple of years, the park has been fairly dead because it’s been raining up here and threatening to rain down there (one year did have scattered showers, but always while we were in a ride). This year, we’d been having wonderful weather with temps in the lower 80’s. Saturday was only the lower 70’s (on its way down to cold the last couple of days), but the park was still pretty crowded.

The other issue we had was rides closing down on us. At one point, we tried three in a row. The first two were closed and the third shut down while we were part way through the line.

But we still had a great time. I wound up giving a ride to my roommate and his fiancée, which added a bit of time on both ends to pick her up and drop her off. The day started with Angelique and myself. First we added two of her friends from her job. Both of them are from foreign countries and neither had been to Disneyland before. Then we met up with Josh and Beth and her sister and brother-in-law. Finally, Chris and his friend Grace joined us for a little while. Yes, that was group of 10. It was a lot of fun, actually. That lasted for a few hours, and then we split off, Grace and Chris to go home the other group to do their own thing. We ended the day like we started it with just Angelique and me.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get as much done as we would have liked. Part of it was the bigger group, but part of it was the crowds. We didn’t get to Splash Mountain (closed on us twice). Star Tours was never less than an hour wait and the fast pass was a long time out. While we did part of Fantasyland, we never made it to Peter Pan because of the line.

And yet the day was fun. The two newbies in the group seemed to really enjoy themselves. We spent some time on Tom Sawyer Island, and that was fun for something different. And yes, we did get Indiana Jones and Space Mountain in.

Plus, with the discount we get on tickets, it’s hard to complain too much.

Frankly, a bad day at Disney is still a pretty good day. I wish I were enjoy the extra day of magic (or whatever they are calling today) instead of at work. Maybe in four years.


Brian said...

Probably a good thing you did not make it for One More Disney Day. I'm sure you have read about it by now. And, sorry about the crowd on Saturday (and that I was not able to even catch up with you guys).

Mark Baker said...

Yeah, I was sorry we didn't connect up with you.

I thought that Wednesday would thin out at night, but it doesn't sound like it ever did.