Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weekly TV Recap for February 19th

Chuck - I was dying during the Charlie's Angels spoof at the beginning. On the whole, it was a good episode. Maybe not their best ever, especially since Chuck seemed to take a few steps backward in this spying (like falling down the skylight), but fun nonetheless. I know they don't use all the actors in every episode, but I really missed Devon at the engagement party. On the other hand, I love the fact that Sarah and Ellie are getting close. I think that's a great way for them to develop both characters. Their scenes together were some of my favorites.

Castle - That was one of their more serious episodes. And part way through, I really was beginning to wonder where they were going. I mean, Castle wouldn't turn out to be wrong, would he? And, in some ways, he was since his friend was responsible for his father's murder. Some of those scenes where Castle was beginning to doubt himself were so well done. Normally Nathan Fillion doesn't have to go too deep, but the script called for it tonight, and he really delivered.

No Ordinary Family - So I've been a bit hard on this show recently for being too episodic and ignoring the bigger story. I didn't have that problem tonight. And I loved it for that reason. They really moved things forward in a big way. Dr. King knows a lot more about the Powells. And they know much more about what he is up to. I hope they build on this at least a little next week instead of just dropping it to an after thought again.

V - You know what I kept think while watching the episode? Why would the FBI think that Erica was in that situation to become a hostage in the first place? I don't know why they'd think she'd be there, but it does work to get her back in their good graces. I'm not surprised by most of the people who died. They were guest stars, so I didn't expect them to be around for long. I am wondering if Ryan is really dead or not. I really expect him to come up with some way to redeem himself and free his daughter. Then again, they've now set up Kyle to be the new mole, so who knows if Ryan is still around or not. We never saw him again after the explosion and shoot out. I guess we'll find out next week. Just one more thing, that final scene between Erica and Tyler was absolutely heart breaking on both sides.

Survivor - So we're in season 22 (thanks Jeff Probst for tweeting that earlier or I never would have remembered). And yet people still don't know when to keep their big mouths shut. Phillip is a moron. You don't have the luxury of overanalyzing everything six million ways while in the game. You have to trust people or move on. And you don't go blurting out everything they told you in the middle of tribal. Rooting for Rob and Russell to make early exits, although both tribes seem too stupid to listen to the few people who think they need to do that. Still not sure how the whole Redemption Island thing will work, so I'll be curious to see how that plays out in the next few weeks.

Wipeout - The names and puns weren't as funny this time around. But how awesome was the Snowman Surprise? The first time I saw the part of the walkway come up, I just about died laughing. Way too much fun. And they didn't use 7 Letter Word again. I felt so sorry for that one woman who had to quit because of her knee, especially considering what they'd been calling her. But quitting because of an injury is certainly understandable and the right thing to do.

The Big Bang Theory - Okay, so I had read some interviews that pretty much gave away the Howard and Bernadette part of the episode. Still, it was pretty funny watching it all unfold. Best line of the night? "Wrong answer" said by Bernadette after she asked Howard to move in with her when Howard hadn't even said anything at all. I'm wondering how long Raj's sister will be around. Poor Penny, with Amy and Sheldon to comfort her, will she really feel any better?

Royal Pains - So we found Paige's weakness, snoring. It made for a pretty good secondary story. And I was cheering as much as Evan and Paige were when they said "I love you" to each other. Poor Jill was pretty much overlooked yet again. They really need to find a good storyline for her next season. But those last few minutes really have me up in the air. Why is Boris packing the guys up to move them out? And what will Raj say now that he knows Divya kissed a patient. This is going to be an action packed finale, I can tell already.

Fairly Legal - I pretty much predicted every moment of the case this week as it went along. Not that it was a bad episode, but a twist somewhere along the way would have been nice. And was anyone having Friends flashbacks with the sub-plot about Justin's neighbor spending time on his balcony nude? But seriously, if Kate and Justin are divorced, why do they keep sleeping together? Seriously, I like the show, but the main character's personal lives make no sense at all. And we've found David Smith. Why did he get a quarter of the estate? I'm curious to see where that storyline goes.

Nikita - So, I haven't paid too much attention to the Alex back story, and I'm paying for it now. This whole Russian thing is confusing because I sure thought she was American and Nikita killed her parents in America. And I'm not too thrilled they made her royalty since, well, I don't buy that conspiracy. However, I loved seeing Michael and Nikita working together again, and the scene between them on the rooftop as they talked about the last time they worked together was great. They've set us up for next week, which looks awesome!

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