Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What's On My Nightstand - February 2011

You know, I missed this the last few months.  But let's get back in the swing of talking about what has just left my nightstand.

Sunday was the book launch party for Joanne Fluke's latest, Devil's Food Cake Murder.  I took yesterday off work, and spent most of the day reading it.

This time around, the murder revolves around a visiting reverend.  Matthew spent a few years in Lake Eden growing up.  So when Hannah finds him shot to death next to a piece of her new Devil's food cake, she has to figure out if the motive for this murder was something from the past or the present.

I know some people are tired of this series, which happens when you reach book 14 in a series, but I continue to really enjoy it.  The characters are absolutely wonderful, and I will take any excuse of visit them again.  The mystery here was actually pretty good with some good twists before the climax.  And, as always, there are a bunch of new recipes, roughly 20 by my count.

The biggest complaint with the series in the love triangle between Hannah, Mike, and Norman.  I actually think that the author is trying to wrap that up and is definitely laying the groundwork for that here.  No, it's not resolved, but I could see it being resolved in the next book depending on how things play out.


morninglight mama said...

Wow- fourteen books in, huh? That's some serious reading dedication!

-Dawn, 5M4B

Cassandra said...

I agree with Dawn. That is a lot of dedication! The longest series I read was the Babysitters Club books when I was a pre-teen. And I'm not even sure that compares!

Happy reading in March!

Mark Baker said...

I've been reading since the beginning. At one or two a year, it really isn't that bad.

Trish said...

I love it when I find a series I really enjoy - the more, the better!