Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekly TV Recap February 26th

The Amazing Race - As is always the case with All Star or Second Chance seasons, there are some teams here I remember and some teams I have forgotten. But the team I am most excited to see racing again is Jett and Cord. And they are in serious trouble. Good thing it wasn't a pit stop or they'd be gone. I seriously hope they catch back up in the next episode. I like the twist of an automatic U-Turn. That is very interesting. We shall see how it plays out, especially with that team near the front of the pack. And I can't believe the number of teams that were helping each other. It's a race. Hello!

Chuck - Lots of changes coming up here. Okay, I know Morgan will be moving out. That will be sad but also fun to watch in the next couple of weeks. But what's this with Casey? I know he won't leave the team, so I am wondering where this storyline is going. And it looks like the daughter will be the next villain we'll be fighting. Should make for an interesting rest of the season.

Castle - Since this was part one of two, I knew we'd have a big cliffhanger. And I wasn't going to let it worry me. Then I saw what it was. Yikes! I'm very interested in how they will get out of that freezer and find the dirty bomb. This should make for an exciting second part. I hope they do more with the FBI agent. Right now, he's the anti-Jack Bauer, and I don't really like him. Yes, Jack was rough on people, but he had a human side. I'm not seeing that in the character right now.

White Collar - I was actually disappointed that they had Peter and Elizabeth fighting. For one thing, I love the fact that they have such a great marriage. It's nice to see a couple on TV who has such a great relationship. Now I know even the happiest of couples fight occasionally. But to have them fight right before Peter gets kidnapped is such a cliché. Really, couldn't they do better? The part about actually getting Peter back was great. I enjoyed the episode as a whole. But that one aspect really disappointed me.

No Ordinary Family - This episode wasn't quite as epic as last week, but it was still pretty good, if for no other reason than they brought back the cliffhanger about Daphne losing her memory. Yes, it was still resolved a little quickly, but it worked. I don't think we've seen the last of "Joshua." At least I hope we haven't. But I wonder whose side he'll be on when he returns. I really did like him with Katie, so I hope it's on the side of good.

V - Erica is definitely different now that she's lost her ex-husband. Not quite the nice person we've seen in the past. However, her "sparks" with what's his name while they were trying to break into the safe were a joke. Please, the woman obviously still loved her ex-husband. She wouldn't be noticing stuff like that a week later. Meanwhile, Ryan is alive, but no one trusts him. And Anna is about to go after her own daughter. Plus we've learned why the V's want to breed with us (evolve faster). I wish I felt confident that we'd get more of this show coming next season, but I'm sure it will be canceled. It doesn't sound like things will be wrapped up either, so I'm not going to be happy when things wrap up in another month or so.

Survivor - Well, Phil wasn't quite as crazy tonight, but he was still out there. And Russell still thinks he's running the show, but most everyone else seems to be on to him. How awesome was it that the person he thinks is the dumbest one out there actually found the idol. Now, if that tribe just stays smart and votes Russell out if they ever lose, then I'll be happy.

Wipeout - I'm surprised the Ding and Dong brothers made it as far as they did. But it was obvious early on the twins would win the whole thing. Both of them were young and athletic. Nobody else had a prayer.

The Big Bang Theory - You know, as much as Sheldon drives everybody crazy, it was kind of nice to see him realize how much he does like his friends and even more have them realize how much they really do like him. Poor Penny, however, isn't so ready to move on from Leonard. I know they'll get those two back eventually, but I like knowing they miss each other. And that tag with LaVar Burton showing up? Absolutely wonderful.

Nikita - So, the whole episode was good with the suspense of will Division find out that Alex is the mole from several different fronts. But the ending? Holy cow! Michael definitely knows not only that Alex is working with Nikita but where Nikita lives. I can't believe they are going to make us wait six weeks to find out what happens next.

Royal Pains - In many ways, that felt more like a series finale than a season finale with everyone going off like they did. Oh, I know Jill is just gone for six months and Evan is just gone for a few. But it almost felt like people moving on with their lives. We didn't learn why Boris kicked Hank and Evan out of his place, but my guess is it is Marissa's pregnancy. What's even more confusing is that he was still willing to help their dad, however. Speaking of which, I am glad he decided to go to jail and take his punishment. But I'm most disappointed in Divya's storyline. Oh, I knew all along she wouldn't go through with the wedding. But this was just a little too sudden to me. The writers of this show really can do better.

Fairly Legal - The ending came together a little too neatly again, something the writers on this show struggle with at times. But still, it was a good episode with lots of great cloak and dagger stuff. And it was nice seeing a personal side to Leo with his interest in the art contest. Hope they continue to let his character develop.

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