Saturday, February 12, 2011

TV Recap for February 12th

Yes, I realize it's late in the day, but I watched most of my Thursday night shows today.  I find it ironic that Thursday has become my big TV night and it's the night I have choir practice.


Chuck - I knew it was coming, but I was laughing so hard at Chuck saying "No" to Sarah while on the mission. Talk about poor timing. There were so many great laugh lines in the episode, and so many good moments. The plot could have been a little better. Why leave Casey behind and then turn around and go back unless it was to give Chuck and Sarah some time at home. But I'm just being nitpicky. I enjoyed the episode.

Castle - So, I should have been the killer coming. In fact, I feel like I've seen a similar plot before. But as always, Castle keeps me so pre-occupied as we go from one suspect to the next that it never even crossed my mind. And how sweet was that last scene where Castle goes over to Beckett's and pretty much starts her dream endowment for her? I know I was hesitant about the romance part of the show in season one, but I am completely on board now.

White Collar - If I hadn't known that was Lando, I never would have guessed. Maybe it was because I wasn't completely paying attention to the show, but I felt the plot was overly complicated. But I liked the emotional outcome for the characters, and the dinner party scenes were great. Have I mentioned how I love the dynamic that Elizabeth brings to the show? More of her, please.

No Ordinary Family - Well, we might have a piece of the puzzle. It looks like they've been experimenting on prisoners, and that's where the super villains we've encountered have come from. But I hope they follow up on it next time. And I really hope they follow up on Dr. King knowing the Powells have powers.

V - Thanks for toning down the violence last night. My stomach was grateful. Other then that, it moved things forward a little, but very slowly. About the only thing it really moved forward was the one V's loyalty. He's completely back in Anna's camp now. That's going to spell big trouble for our heroes down the road. And speaking of trouble, I don't think we're going to get a resolution by the time the season is over. And since I don't expect the show to be back next year, that means we'll probably be left with a never to be resolved cliffhanger. Please, prove me wrong, producers. Please!

Wipeout - Boo, seven letter work was back! I really don't find that obstacle all that fun. However, I laughed at so many of the nicknames and puns this week. Overall, enjoyable.

Nikita - It was interesting to watch Alex's relationship with her neighbor play out. Everyone was against it, but then Nikita starts to soften. I'm curious to see how they will play that out. It was also interesting to see a story where Division appeared to come into things late. That was a nice change of pace. But when they came into things, they came in in a big way.

Royal Pains - So, just to prove me wrong, this episode was more about the medical cases then it was about the main characters. Yes, there was the Jank development, but that was about all. And I loved it. Whether this show is about the characters or the medicine, it's great fun.

Fairly Legal - And it was followed by another great show here, too. I knew things were going to easily when it looked like we had a settlement before the 15 minute mark. But I never saw the fake chef angle coming. And the rest of the plots were good as well. I still don't see Kate's animosity toward her step-mom, but that's really my only complaint with the show.

The Big Bang Theory - It's episodes like this that remind me why I didn't get into this show years ago. Not that I was surprised given the subject matter. Really, when an episode is all about sex, how can it not make me uncomfortable?

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