Friday, February 11, 2011

Joining the Choir

So here's something I haven't blogged about yet.  I've joined my church's choir, at least for the next few months.

It's something I've thought about off and on for years, but I've never had the nerve to do.  Frankly, part of it is because the director at my last church scared me.  And partially because I really struggle to sing anything other than melody.  And as a guy, I will pretty much always sing harmony.

But my friend Joe is in the choir, and he was bugging me to join.  It seemed like a good way to meet some people in the church as well.

We rehearse every other week on Thursday night, so last night was our second rehearsal.  It's going about like I expected.  I've been practicing with a CD that has nothing but my part on it.  I feel fairly confident with it.  But as soon as I was trying to sing with the rest of the choir, I lost my notes and my confidence.  I was pretty frustrated and not sure how to go about learning my music so I can do this well.

To further complicate matters, we are supposed to be memorizing the songs.  I think I can do that, but again, I'm not that sure.

Our first time singing in church this spring is in two weeks.  I'm going to have to put a lot of work in between now and then if I even have a hope of doing it and doing it well.


it's all about pace said...

I hear that the chior gets preached at alot... :-) have fun

Mark said...

Well, at my church, we're out in the congregation by the time the preaching starts.... (Yes, I'm being literal here and purposely missing the point.)