Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Disney Trip

So, back before I got sick, I went to Disneyland.  It had all started because my roommate Daniel was going to be there and wanted someone to hang out with.  However, he turned out to be very busy and we didn't really see him.  Instead, I spent the day with Angelique and Brian.  Brian has just started working there, so he was able to get us in for free.  And we could go to both parks.

Naturally, that meant we were hopping back and forth between the parks, although we only made the crossing twice each.  We managed to hit the big rides at both parks, which was a huge plus.  And we got to see Aladdin one more time before it leaves the park.  I'm going to miss that show.

I was surprised at just how crowded it was.  I thought the end of January it would be fairly empty.  But it was a Saturday, and the week before it had been gorgeous, so that probably brought a lot of people out who wouldn't normally come out.

We didn't get there when the park opened, but we did close it out at 11.  And we never made it over to Fantasyland.  We'll have to fix that when we go back at the end of February for Master's Day at Disneyland.  And I hope it's a little less crowded this time, too.

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