Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What's on My Nightstand - September 2010

It's the fourth Tuesday of September already, which means it is time for What's on Your Nightstand over at 5 Minutes for Books.
I've just finished two mysteries I enjoyed.  And for those at the FCC, both were sent to me in exchange for honest reviews.

The first is the first mystery by my friend Cathy Wiley called Dead to Writes.  The story revolves around Cassie.  Her first mystery novel is about to come out when someone starts killing off the contacts she uses for research in her writing.  The police think she might be involved, but is she really?

I really did enjoy the book.  The characters were very real, and I felt like I got to know them very well by the time I was done reading the book.  The pacing in the plot was a bit uneven, but it reached a logical and exciting conclusion.

The second book is Tide Water Talisman by Glynn Marsh Alam.  It's the eighth book in the series, and I've been reading since the first book came out.

This series stars Luanne Fogarty who lives in the fresh water swamps of north Florida.  She gets involved in murder through her part time job diving for the local sheriff's office.

This book revolves around a camp of refugees from Hurricane Katrina who have settled in the area.  One of them turns up dead, and a skeleton is found near the camp.  Luanne actually camps out with them for a while to try to figure out what is actually happening.

Again, the pacing was off in this book, but I still enjoyed it.  I love the series regulars, and the time spent with them was great.  And the writing is top notch here.  It not only brings the swamp to vivid life, but it lulls us into the unhurried world of the locals.  It's a relaxing visit to a different part of the country.  And yet the writing never gets in the way of the story.

I definitely recommend both books.


morninglight mama said...

Ah yes, the mandatory FCC disclosure statement... seems so oddly unnecessary in book reviews, doesn't it? Oh well.

Glad to hear you had some happy reading experiences!
-Dawn, 5minutesforbooks

Cassandra said...

Sounds like interesting books. I hope you're able to read great books in October! Happy reading!