Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weekly TV Recap - September 18th

This is the last week of summer slow down.  Monday night starts the wave of new shows.  Look for this post to get much longer.

Covert Affairs - You know, this show has really snuck up on me. It's not something I am dying to watch the instant it is on, but I really do enjoy it. The two episodes they aired as part of the finale were both great. I loved how human they made Annie in the first one. But the actual finale. Oh man! I want to know where they are going with all of this. I liked how they resolve things but just gave us more questions, like now that we know who the mole is. And talk about a bit of type casting with President Logan being a bad guy again. Plus it looks like they killed Ben. That's going to make things very interesting next season since he's been the driving force behind everything that's happened so far. Plus why was he paying for the scientist? Why did you once again say "The truth is complicated?" What in the world is really going on? It's going to be a long wait until next summer for new episodes.

Wipeout - As with Covert Affairs, we had a two hour finale. This show doesn't really lend itself to commentary, although for the second hour, I thought that a Marine would be a shoe in. Either none went on the show, or they didn't make it past the qualifier. When I saw that, I figured the fireman would take it. He struggle so much there at the end, and it is what cost him.

Survivor - Opening challenge or not, my money is on the old tribe. (That doesn't make me old at 35, does it? I'm half way between them.) The older tribe will have a level of maturity that will make them able to work together. The younger tribe will fall apart, even at challenges, because they lack it. And, yes, I know the older tribe lost, but I still think they were right to hang on to the medallion of power. Later is the time to use it. And can I just say I think that's an awesome new twist for this season.

Melissa & Joey - That may have been their best episode yet. I was laughing so hard at some of the lines. And the scene with Melissa and Joey making eggs was pretty funny, too. The show really seems to be finding itself. I hope that continues.

Nikita - I sat down to watch this show, and within 5 minutes both my roommates were watching it with me. On the whole, this didn't advance the main story much, but the background on Nikita and Alex was very interesting. Hope we get more on that next week. Although I'm beginning to worry that Nikita killed Alex's parents as part of a mission and that will come back to bite her at some point. Meanwhile, I'm definitely hooked for the long haul.

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