Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Seasons of Change?

Yes, I know that next week marks a new season.  (And, yes, I'm mentally working on my list for Fall Into Reading.)  But I seem to be going through some other changes right now.

I think I've mentioned that the Career Group I've been attending at church has ended.  We had a pizza/pool party as a final goodbye this last Friday night.  Frankly, I wasn't surprised.  We've had low numbers all year.  And I'm ready to have all my Friday nights to do with as I wish, even if that's go home and veg.  It's been years since I was able to do that consistently.  But it is part of my life, and I'm sad to see it go.  Keep in mind that I've been part of this group since long before I started attending the church full time.

When I switched churches, I started going to a Sunday School class that was studying Proverbs.  That class ended last month.  Again, I wasn't surprised since we had very low numbers.  But I had some good friends in that class I often don't run into around church.  It was great seeing them.

Saturday night, the guy who send out the reminders about my Saturday ultimate Frisbee pick up game sent us all an e-mail telling us he was quitting trying to organize it.  Granted, we don't have huge numbers.  We're the smallest Frisbee game around.  But there are usually enough people for a small game every time I show up.  And it's the most convenient time and location wise to me.  I'm not happy about it ending.  In fact, there are several of us who want to try to keep it going.  We'll see if that actually works or if we are indeed dead thanks to a guy who doesn't normally come.  (And the fact that he hardly ever shows up is part of what bothers me most about him deciding to end it for the rest of us.)

That's three things ending in three months.  Part of me is worried about what will end on me in October.

But the rest of me is trying to figure out what God would have me do instead.  I'm planning to jump into a new Sunday School class, so that won't be an issue.  But I'm left without much on my schedule.  Certainly not nearly as much as I had three or four years ago.

Trust God is always a struggle for me.  I know He knows what is best for me and wants what is best for me.  And yet I usually find myself trying to micromanage every aspect of my life.

So I'm trying to pray through this and see what the next chapter of my life will look like.  It's scary.  This is the guy who doesn't like change.  But God obviously has something for me.  I just wish he'd tell me already.

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