Saturday, June 12, 2010

Weekly TV Recap

Thanks to the publish ahead feature, this is going up at the same time that I am starting the mud run!  It's summer, so that means the TV recap is almost completely a USA Network exclusive event.  But I don't mind the fewer shows, especially when the ones I get to watch are this good.

In Plain Sight - Let's start with the bad. I didn't like Marshall's sub-plot with the illegal immigrant. I was fine with the idea of keeping their promise to her or even the idea of her getting a green card in exchange for her testimony. However, when we learned she had been stealing medicine, even to help those in need, and ultimately there were no consequences for her, that bugged me. Mary's case, however, I loved. I was afraid they might got a little too far with the Aspergers witness and make her cartoonish. I shouldn't have worried. She came across as very real, including the ways she mirrors Mary. The dilemma she faced between being a witness and turning on the one person she considered a friend was very real, too. On to the third story. I think Mary and Brandi's brother has more of a problem then he's let on with his day trading being too much like gambling. I hope Brandi realizes that, but we'll have to see how this particular story develops.

Burn Notice - Tonight was the first real episode with new cast member Coby Bell. He's playing a spy that Michael has inadvertently burned. He's also joining Michael's team and even living in Michael's mom's garage. And he's really going to change the dynamic of the show, I can tell. Plus there's the fact that he wants to find out who burned him and get his revenge. If nothing else, that will be interesting to watch unfold. I can't wait to watch this play out.

Royal Pains - Speaking of changing dynamics, adding Hank and Evan's dad is changing their relationship. It's making both characters richer as it adds conflict between them. I wasn't that surprised with the final shot of the show. I knew they had to keep dad around somehow. Not sure where they are going with him yet, but I am quite interested in finding out. But the real highlight of the episode for me was seeing Mary Lynn Rajskub as something other than Chloe on 24. It was nice to see her smile for a change. And the developing storyline about Divya's upcoming marriage to Raj continues to intrigue me. They've got several nice balls in the air this season.

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