Saturday, June 05, 2010

Weekly TV Recap June 5th

Well, you can certainly see summer has hit with how many shows we've got going on in the TV recap, can't you?

Wipeout - I didn't find the blind date aspect of the show as funny as a normal episode. They did have some creative ideas for the couples; although it sounds like we'll see those ideas come into play in other episodes this season. I was actually thinking the show wasn't as funny as usual until one of my roommates walked into the room. At that point, we both started laughing uncontrollably at it. Maybe it's just better watched with a friend.

In Plain Sight - What can I say, this show is just awesome. It's taken me a long time to get over the fact that it is more straight drama, but now I love it for that. Watching Mary actually befriend a witness, a witness with a terminal disease, was very touching. Marshall was a bit underused with his sub-plot about the witness who needed to come out of the closet. I was glad they brought Mary's half-brother Scott back for more, and I like where they are putting Mary's mom. I hope she continues in her new, strong personality.

Burn Notice - This show had everything I love, explosions, funny lines, and impossible situations. Of course, I know when things are looking good at the 45 minute mark that they are about to go south, and this episode did nothing to prove that wrong. I really think the situations with working with "management" and the spy Michael helped burn will make this an interesting season. Plus it looks like Michael is actually going to try building a relationship with his mom. The story with the bikers could have been stronger overall, but I think they were setting us up for next week, and I already can't wait.

Royal Pains - I had forgotten just how much I loved this show. First episode of season two was absolutely awesome! Bringing Hank and Evan's father back is going to make for some very interesting television this season. And I am curious how they will play out Divya's wedding. Jill looks set to have her own run ins at the hospital. All in all, lots of balls were set in motion in a very entertaining hour. Is it next Thursday yet? Please?

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