Saturday, June 26, 2010

Weekly TV Recap June 26th

With the return of Wipeout, this isn't the all USA Network blog post any more.

Wipeout (Tuesday) - Yes, the silliness that is Wipeout is back full time. Heck, it looks like it is one twice a week now. More spills, more big balls, more laughs. However, on Tuesday edition I was creped out by that "dragon" guy. I kept rooting for him to be eliminated, and yet he just kept going. I loved their new trampoline starter into the water. That's one thing this guy who is afraid of heights might actually be willing to do to get started.

In Plain Sight - Okay, so there wasn't too much new here. Yes, the teen was a crying out for attention. The parents needed to be talked to. But I still really enjoyed the episode because it was done so well. Plus it had some great lines. Marshall's sub-plot was just confusing to me. I can't quite figure out what the one brother did. Did he make them all go into WitSec or something? And can I tell you how upset I am with Brandi for giving their brother the money?

Burn Notice - But the best lines of the week came from this show. I was laughing so hard at some of them, especially Fi's line to the guy they had tied up in the trunk of her car. "Move over. You're on my C4." I thought the plot was great as well with lots of twists and some high stakes. I had a bit of a problem with the way all the "good guys" got out of the hold up with no consequences. Yes, the right guy went to jail, but I wish there were some other consequences for the guy who started the hold up. And I found I actually missed Michael's mom in this episode. Just more proof she's really grown on me.

Royal Pains - Much better than last episode, and that was even with the characters apart. I'm really curious how they are going to play out the storyline of Boris' disease. They are sure playing it up this year. And the new doctor covering for Hank is fun to watch (or more correctly fun to watch Divya deal with), but she is going to need to be taught a lesson very soon. Just one question. Where the heck is Evan and who kidnapped him!? (Okay, maybe that was two.)

Wipeout (Thursday) - Am I getting tired of the show? It just doesn't seem as funny to me this season, especially all the bunches in the face. I just keep wincing instead of laughing like I used to do. But I did find the moving Big Balls an interesting twist. The "Lost Luggage" stunt was just plain cruel, however.

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