Saturday, June 19, 2010

Weekly TV Recap - June 19th

You know, the only reason I started doing these in May was because I knew I'd have the USA Network to give me material through the summer, right?

In Plain Sight - Now don't misunderstand, I did enjoy the episode. But it seemed to have two stories instead of just one. Either tell the story of the homeless man, or tell the story of the adopted man who wants to find his parents. We don't need both in one show. However, I did find what was there compelling, and I was absolutely surprised by most of the twists along the way. The sub-plot about the fugitive was entertaining, but a distraction from the main story, which I really wanted to stay focused on. And in the on going family saga, I am glad that Brandi told their brother she couldn't give him the money. I'm not sure if I think her lie will come back to haunt her or not. I can't believe we only have two episodes left this season. Who only gave us a 13 episode season, anyway?

Burn Notice - This was the best of the season so far. Fighting off the mobsters was classic BN stuff. I love watching the new guy try to fit in and how he is shaking up the well oiled team. But the best scene of the night went to Michael's mom when she confronted him about not being honest with the new guy. She's right, the fact that Michael burned him will come out at the worst possible time. I'm thinking either as a season split cliffhanger or possibly at the end of the season as a cliffhanger.

Royal Pains - This was the worst episode so far. They were so focused on the guest star that they didn't use any of the women hardly at all. It was missing the normal spark that I love about the show. Not saying I didn't enjoy it. And the story with Hank and Evan's dad is going to be very interesting as it develops. That ending with the new doctor coming to work for Boris is going to make things interesting as well.

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