Thursday, June 17, 2010

First Two Summer League Games

So I'm kinda dropped talking about ultimate Frisbee with everything else going on around here.  I think I need to start moving word association to Sunday again.

Anyway, we're two weeks into the season, and so far so good.  No, that's not because we're winning out games.  They've both been fairly close.  We lost the first game 14-17 and we lost Tuesday night 15-17.  But we seem to be playing as a team, or as much of a team as you can when you have just met.

Actually, one of the guys on my team was on my winter league team this past year, but Mike is the only guy I know on the team.

The first game we started out behind and managed to tie it up a few times, but we never did pull ahead.  I was thrown the disc three times, all of them in the end zone.  I caught the first one.  Frankly, I still can't believe that.  I was standing wide open in the end zone on the side they were forcing us to throw it to, and the other team was all running away from me.  I dropped the other two.  One I have no idea how I missed since I thought it was right there.  The other one was just barely out of reach.  I tried, but I couldn't get it.

The second week I only got open once.  I was thrown the disc a couple other times, but I wasn't really open, just trying to keep my defender from poaching off me.  Anyway, I was thrown the disc and caught it no problem.  But then I panicked a bit and threw it away.  I could have made that throw a million times if we were just throwing the disc back and forth.  I really need to get over my throwing it in the game jitters.

So far, my lack of speed hasn't been a huge disadvantage.  There have been other guys who are only a little faster than me on the field, so I have been able to guard them.  The games have been hard fought but friendly.  I hope this trend continues as the season progresses.

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