Monday, June 28, 2010

Ending Another Year

What, you think I'm jumping the gun?  Well, maybe I am, but only by two days.

Yes, once again I'm talking about the end of the fiscal year here at work, which is June 30th.  The auditors are here again for the preliminary week checking and making sure our procedures are still good.  They'll be back in a couple of months to make sure the numbers we closed the year with look to be accurate.  I've been through this enough that it doesn't really stress me out any more.  Okay, so it was a little stressful today when an auditor asked me a question, and I had to do some work to find what she wanted, but I did find it, so everything's fine there.

Frankly, work has been crazy the last couple of weeks.  With getting ready to close out last year and trying to get the budget finalized for next year (still), we're working like crazy.

Meanwhile, I've gone on yet another Christmas ornament buying binge.  And Hallmark (who I've mostly been buying) starts selling stuff in a couple of weeks.  My only hope in all this is my Disney pin collection.  The first couple of years I was buying, I was haunting Ebay buying up pins I wanted.  While I still buy the occasional pin off Ebay and will buy several in the stores when I go to the park, I am not driving to Downtown Disney once a month to buy pins or haunting Ebay every day to buy them.

I wonder what I'll be on to when this interest dies down some.

After taking about a week off from running, I've started back up again.  Actually, both of my last runs have been with my roommate Aaron.  Wednesday was a one mile run followed by a few sprints.  Friday we did the 3 mile hill run.  We're planning another run for tonight after I get home from work.

And here's a shocker for you, I hardly read anything this weekend.  I think I read 5 pages in my book.  Fortunately, things picked up at lunch time.  Frankly, outside of writing reviews (and I wrote a ton), this was a fairly relaxed weekend.  It was nice to be quiet around home without a whole lot else I was trying to do.

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