Monday, June 07, 2010

The Countdown Has Begun

Okay, so actually, I just looked back at a post from last weekend and saw that I was counting down then, too.  But it is now 5 days until my first run of the Camp Pendleton Mud Run.  It's so close, I can taste the mud.

You have to understand, I decided last summer I wanted to do this race.  When I first heard about it from author Sue Ann Jaffarian, it sounded like fun.  Then I read more about, including on LB's blog, and I sounded like even more fun.  And I knew I could do it if I would just put my mind to it and keep working hard.

So this is a year's worth of work and dreaming coming down to the final week.  It's a wonder I can concentrate on anything else.

Last Wednesday, I ran somewhere over six miles.  I'm sure I ran at least 6.2, which is the length of the race on Saturday.  (Yeah, I know I should probably figure out some way to measure my runs better, but I figure I am close enough for my purposes.)  Running that distance gave me the confidence to know I can finish this thing.  I won't be anywhere near the front of the pack.  After all, running it with no obstacles takes me over an hour (yeah, I don't time myself that much either).  But my only goal is to finish the race.  And if I can do that this year, I will be very happy.

I was surprised at just how sore I was after that run Wednesday.  Who would have thought that running a mile more than I ever had before would be that much harder.  It certainly didn't feel harder.

My friend Josh, who I'm running the race with, called me up on Sunday afternoon, and we wound up going for a run in the 90+ degree heat.  I took some water with me, something I never do.  I rationed it out over the entire run, using it as motivation.  "If you make it to that next stop light, you can stop and drink some."  Yeah, the heat really got to both of us, but we did finish.

Meanwhile, I do need to concentrate on other things.  For one thing, I've got work to do.  We still need to close May, and with the software upgrade last week, it's taking some work to get things done correcting.  It was a major upgrade, so things aren't like they've been for the last 5 or so years.

And tomorrow night is my first ultimate Frisbee game of Summer League.  Yes, I am still nervous about playing in men's league.  Everyone I've asked tells me I should be fine, but I am so insecure about my lack of speed.  Yes, even with all this running I've been doing, I'm not very fast.  But I know if we wind up having a game with no subs or I'm in for a long point, I should be able to keep running the entire time.  I love the sport, but I am very insecure about whether or not I am helping my team when I am on the field.  Until I meet my teammates tomorrow night, I won't have any clue how the season will go.  If one of them is uptight, it won't be fun.  But if everyone is out to have fun while trying hard to win, I should be okay.

I'm taking Friday off work.  Originally it was because I wanted to try to get down to the mud run, but I wasn't thinking.  Josh doesn't have the vacation time to spare.  But it turned out well because I've got some friends moving this weekend, and I can help them Friday afternoon instead of Saturday.

So, yes, I have lots going on this week.  But all my focus is on what is happening five days from now.


L.B. said...

You're going to love the Camp Pendleton Mud Run. I don't know much about the Irvine Lake one but I can't imagine it being a better challenge than Camp Pendleton.

Survive, yes, that should be your goal. That was my goal the first year and still is really. It's a tough race but you'll feel better after having run it because of that.

Also, with regards to frisbee, you have built up your endurance quite a bit so if you can just keep up your running and work hard, you'll be better off because of that. I used to play soccer a lot, just pick-up soccer with my brothers and cousins, nothing serious, and I probably had the worst skill set of anyone. But I also had the best stamina of anyone, so all I did was run. I ran hard and ran far and ran all game long. I wasn't good at shooting so I made sure to try and move around to create space for others. I wasn't the best defender but as long as I ran back and got between the ball and the goal, I was at least on a good position. Just work hard and show your running skills and you'll be fine.

Mark Baker said...

Unfortunately, I can usually see how I should have played a point after it's over. And since a Frisbee gets thrown, it often winds up over my head.

Your points are well taken, however, and I do appreciate the encouragement. I'll try to keep my head in the game and see if that helps.