Thursday, June 03, 2010

5 Days Isn't Long Enough

So as I mentioned last week, I had five days off this last weekend instead of the three most people had.  They were recarpeting the office.  Sometimes when I have that much time off, I'm ready to come back to work when it's over.  That wasn't the case this time.

Of course, part of that was because of all the stuff I did.

Thursday was a light day.  I hung out with my roommate Mark.  We watched a movie and just hung out.

Friday, my friend Luke drove over from Pasadena, and we went for a run in Placerita State Park.  Afterward, we went out for a late breakfast at Panera Break, barely making it before they stopped serving breakfast.  That night, I went to a play my co-worker was in.  It was Oscar Wilde's Woman of No Importance.  I'd never seen it before, but it was quite interesting.

Saturday was my normal ultimate Frisbee game.  When I was leaving, I got a message from Joe and Erica inviting me over for a movie night, so I went home long enough to shower and headed out again.

Sunday was church in the morning and then Joe and Erica's again for Babylon 5.  Josh's fiancee was there, which was nice.

Monday afternoon, Josh came over and we went for a 5 mile run followed by a swim.  We followed that up with pizza and yet another movie.

And I should mention that I got a movie watched on my own.  I never did make it to the theater over the weekend (which might be a first for me when it comes to Memorial Day Weekend).  But I FINALLY GOT THE LAST MOVIE OFF THE DVR!!!!!!  Can you tell I'm slightly excited?  I recorded some movies back in June of last year and a couple more in October, and there they've sat.  It was so nice to finally get things erased.  I've got nothing on the DVR right now, and it feels so freeing.  Of course, I have borrowed a movie from Josh I need to watch, so I'm not completely without movies to get watched.  I'm hoping to knock it out this weekend at some ponit.

The down side is that I wound up with 8 reviews to write by the time the weekend was over, and I just haven't had a chance to get them all written yet.  And, thanks to the current promotion at Epinions, I'm coming up with a list of non-media things I want to review, too.  This is going to be a review heavy month, I can tell already.

The weather seems to have finally figured out it's summer.  We're looking at 80's with possibilities of 100 or this weekend.  (One place is saying 90, so we'll see which we actually get.)  I am in Heaven.  This low 70's we've had for the last month just isn't May weather.

I'm down to 9 days until I run the Camp Pendleton Mud Run.  Considering I started fixating on the idea a year ago, I find it hard to believe it's almost here.  I can't wait!  I actually ran over 6 miles last night for the first time.  I was surprised at how sore I got since I've been running quite regularly and ran 5 miles Monday night.  But I proved to myself I can run the distance, so that should be a problem.  And I think the obstacles will provide a fun break and not be too impossible, unlike the Tough Mudder I heard about last week.  Man, I really want to sign up for that next year.

I've found out I am on team Black Monday for this year's Summer League.  Yep, still in the men's league.  I guess it is an appropriate team name for me since I am an accountant and it is referring a stock market crash.  I so wanted to be Green Slime (we've got an 80's theme this year), but that was a co-ed team.  Third time I will have been on team black.  First game in Tuesday, so we'll see how I do playing with just guys.  First time that will be the case outside of an occasional pick up game ever.  I think I'm more nervous about that than the mud run.

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